Gemini Man And Virgo Woman

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman may not succeed in having long lasting relationship as they both have conflicting nature. Virgo woman is serious and well organized person while Gemini man is freedom loving and reckless person.

Gemini man: Gemini man is impulsive and fun loving person. He enjoys traveling and exploring new places. He likes making friends and learning more about them. He is analytical in nature and can read minds of people easily. He can be moody sometimes and it becomes really difficult to predict his mind. He loves his freedom more than anything. He doesn’t want to be trapped with same person thus he never commits to anyone. Though he can be romantic person to be with, it will take patience and adaptive nature to be with him.


Virgo woman: Virgo woman is self-reliant and strict person. She is intelligent and smart enough to take care of her own. She does everything in well manner with proper study of the situation thus she always succeeds in her task. She has keen nature to study every small detail which helps her to find out any mistake or error made by any person. She is also honest in nature thus she can be frank to point out those errors. She fails to understand that such honest nature can hurt people easily. She would like to help people with her precision and knowledge. She is not so expressive but she wants her man to love her. [poll id=2]  

Gemini man and Virgo woman

Gemini man is talkative while Virgo woman has good command over her communication skills. They both can have healthy talk over any subject. Virgo woman generally embrace her basic rules but with positivity and interest shown by Gemini man she can actually enjoy her new fast and exhilarating life. Virgo woman can teach Gemini man to be more practical and stable. When they grow enough affection between them they will admire each other. Virgo woman plays the role of caretaker for Gemini man. She would like to look after him and guide him to make his dreams come true, but she will have to be careful not to become critical on him.

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman Relationship:

Gemini man gets attracted to such well organized and honest lady. With Gemini man, Virgo woman can feel more comfortable and she can be open to him. Gemini man can show interest in listening to Virgo woman’s hidden fears and she will open up to him with proper communication skills. Gemini man often stays with Virgo woman but when she needs him badly she will fail to express her feelings to him. She will need to learn how to express her feelings and also understand that Gemini man needs some space to live comfortably. Gemini man and Virgo woman have very different personalities but this draws them even closer each other.

Gemini man can teach Virgo woman to be more expressive and help her to come out of her daily boring life. Virgo woman is capable of providing steady life to Gemini man. She can guide him to be more practical like her without pushing him out of his comfort. They understand each other so well that they know each other's weaknesses and are ready to protect each other. They form very good bond in latter part of their relationship. In Gemini man and Virgo woman relationship, there is quick attraction between both of them but they can also have some disputes over their differences. Virgo woman wonders if she will be able to live with such impractical and unstable person while

Gemini man thinks it is difficult to stay with someone who is so rigid and practical in nature. Gemini man and Virgo woman both like each other but are unsure of their feelings. Gemini man and Virgo woman will need some time to think about their relationship. With some adjustments Gemini woman and Virgo man can have exciting relationship with blend of stability and freshness.

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