Gemini Woman And Virgo Man

Gemini Woman and Virgo Man

Gemini Woman and Virgo Man make very interesting couple. They both are very different from each other still manage to stay together. Gemini woman wants to know everything while Virgo man is happy with his own resources. Virgo man shows careful nature while Gemini woman is carefree person.

Gemini woman: Gemini woman likes gossips and outdoor activities. She is very friendly and can openly communicate to anybody. She is beautiful and intelligent too. She enjoys every moment of her life and never wants to take any responsibility. She will feel trapped if given any responsibility. She is moody person which makes it difficult to guess what she really wants from her life. She is interesting person to be with but she wouldn’t like to be with same person for whole life unless she finds any reason to be with that person. She wants to meet new people and know them.


Virgo man: Virgo man is clever and well organized person. He always has specific method of working and he will only follow it. He never makes any hasty decisions which remove any doubt of failure. He is strict and determined person thus he always achieves his goals perfectly. He has ability to notice every small detail thus he can find even smallest of mistakes. He would like to help people with such keen eye but his honesty often hurts them. He is serious type of person thus he may miss all the fun from his life. He wants to be in relationship but he doesn’t know how to express his feelings. [poll id=3]  

Gemini woman and Virgo man

Gemini woman and Virgo man relationship is basically formed by their parents, friends or by some external force. Gemini woman is happy go lucky and optimistic person. She brings the freshness and thrill in their relationship. Though, she is too much of party animal that doesn’t mean that she can’t be serious about her relationship. She is romantic and sensitive from inside. Virgo man who looks straight to her as outgoing person should think about it with her perceptive. She is a go getter and doesn’t believe in word impossible. She can easily amuse Virgo man with her qualities, making him come out of his practical life.

Gemini Woman and Virgo Man Relationship:

Gemini woman is independent in nature and she never wants anyone’s help to direct her life. But when she meets Virgo man, she feels good to have someone so stable and practical. If they can show some feelings to each other then Virgo man will let her enjoy her social life. She will also come back to him after finishing her socializing. Virgo man might be well organized and strict person but he wouldn’t put restrictions on Gemini woman. He may also fail to express his feelings to her.When Gemini woman and Virgo man fall love with each other they learn many new things from each other. Gemini woman and Virgo man appreciate each pother’s qualities as they themselves lack them.

Gemini woman can come with new ideas while Virgo man will complete those with his highly practical qualities and intelligence. Some glitches are bound to exist in Gemini woman and Virgo man relationship. Gemini woman wants to socialize but it can make Virgo man feel insecure. Virgo man may sometimes like her going out so that he can have calm environment at home. He is more of home sick person. Gemini woman will have to convince Virgo man to let her have her own space and in return she will give him whatever he wants. Gemini woman has many ideas to lure Virgo man. This way they both can always find a way to enjoy their life.

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